Thursday, 14 February 2008

Be Imba

I've had a day without WoW. It's been painful, but I've persevered and have, against all odds I might add, prevailed. I finished The Truth by Terry Pratchett and have started Night Watch by the same.

The reason for this WoW-free day? Well, it was the first of my tri-annual formatting days. The day where I trash every little thing on my hard drive and start again. I do this mostly because my computer starts to run like treacle on a cold day and I find I spend a lot of time on full rage and fear I may start swiping...

Formatting day tends to involve much hair-pulling and tears, because, as anyone who does it as infrequently as I do will know, formatting and re-installing is never a pain-free exercise. The machine gods demand you suffer as payment for allowing you to violate the mind of your computer... no, seriously...

Anyway, the part that took the longest was waiting for my girlfriend to remove the files she'd been hiding on my computer. Last time I formatted I'd told her not to hide files on my computer again because you never knew when it might occur to me to just blast the whole lot and start again. However, she did, and so I patently waited for her to rip it all to DVD/CD/Whatever.

Seven hours later we were ready to start formatting.

I can't complain, really. Without her the whole process would be near impossible. I'm not all that computer literate. I'd probably just have taken an axe to it if left to my own devices, then grunted in a cave-man-like fashion when it refused to cooperate and start making pretty colours and stuff again. My girlfriend, on the other hand, is amazing when it comes to computery stuff, a real wizard.

The funny part of the whole process, of course, is re-installing WoW. It's currently estimating that it's going to take 8 hours to download the current patch. Funny? I'm laughing my ass off.

Anyway, something more closely related to WoW, to justify this post. My girlfriend pointed me at this site. It's got a few quirky notions about what is needed by who, but on the whole it seems to be a fairly solid audit of your character and I imagine if it starts to get some traffic then its designers will put more work into it to make it even better... maybe.

It's shown me that not only don't the vast majority of my guild even have the Kara key yet, but that most of them would suck up the place even if they managed to get through the door. /sigh

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