Thursday, 14 February 2008

Bear Meets Kara

As part of my own preparations for going to Karazhan I've been looking at suggested starting stats for druid tanks. I've found some wild variation, but I'm sure with a little digging and a little creative interpretation I'll find a combination that suits me.

Just for a matter of my own record, here are the minimum stats I've been given for druid tanking:

Defence: Most people agree that un-critable (415) is what you should aim for before setting foot in Kara. Some people say that 385 is enough to get started with. However, since I already have an over-abundance of defence which I'm looking to get rid of in favour of agility and stamina, I don't think this stat is that much of a problem for me at the moment.

Armour: Most are in agreement that you are looking at a base of 20k armour. A few say this is too low, but then they would. People like making things hard on themselves. I am over the 20k mark, so I'm happy with this stat for now.

Dodge: Opinions vary on how much dodge a druid tank needs. The low end says 25% while the high end opts for 30%. This is a stat I'm going to have to work on as I am below the low end of the spectrum.

Hit Points: Once again, opinions vary on just how many hit points you need for Karazhan. This is the area they seem to disagree on the most, however. The low end says 12k self-buffed, while the high end wants 18k un-buffed. That's a big difference. I think my health is okay to start Kara with though.

So, with a little work on getting my dodge up, I should be more than ready for Karazhan. Now, about getting the rest of the guild ready...

EDIT: With the addition of a couple of enchants I am now above the 25% dodge floor, not much above it mind, not much at all. I found that I get up to 44% with my own buffs (idol, badge and mark) and Blessing of Kings. Which is handy.

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