Thursday, 14 February 2008

Damage Meters

A lot of people hate damage meters but can't articulate the reason why. They just know, deep down, that the meter is a bad idea.

For me, the main reason damage meters are a bad idea is that most people can't read them. They look at the pretty bars it gives them and that's enough for them to make a judgement.

I had a situation where this became an issue in a Black Morass run I did the other day. There was a discussion over who should take the adds. I mentioned that I'd done it quite nicely with a rogue taking the adds a few times. The rogue didn't like this idea and said that she should be on the bosses because the hunter's DPS wasn't as good as hers. Looking at my damage meter I saw that, yes, the rogue was a small amount ahead of the hunter. However, if you factored in the beast mastery hunter's pet then the rogue was a substantial distance behind the hunter.

"Paladins are better raid healers than priests, look at the meters." Okay, I did. I looked and saw I was 4% behind the paladins. However, then I actally looked at why the rest of the raid had so much healing to their name. You know what? Their healing was actually mostly *my* healing, with a little bit of Improved Leader of the Pack thrown in for good measure. There were a few hundred thousand points of healing which was from my Prayer of Mending, but being counted as other people's healing. Even a few tens of thousands of points which were given to the paladins was actually my healing, my Prayer of Mending.

So, getting tired of people saying how it was such a shame that priests were no longer the best healers based on the damage meters, I did some math. I took all the Prayer of Mending healing (not the over-healing, just the 'enough' healing) away from everyone else, and added it to my count.

You know what? I was top. By a country mile. Even though I couldn't spam a single target for as long as the paladins could, even though I died more often than them because fade isn't actually any good at saving your life in a hell-for-leather healing zerg, I was top on actual healing done.

I told them this the next time they were bragging. They didn't take like it and said my Prayer of Mending and Renew were crap and didn't count. Why Renew had been brought into it I didn't know, maybe they were jealous that a real healer can do HoTs?

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