Thursday, 28 February 2008

First Karazhan Run

So, my guild ventured into Karazhan last night. It was the first time we went in there as a guild, but we had eight players who'd already been in there before which made it very smooth.

There were only three members of the raid who were not fully epicly equipped as well, which made most of the instance a total cake-walk.

I had to go as my priest because they were short one healer. A priest from another guild had said they would go, but were in a battleground when the time came and didn't want to leave there, so they got replaced by Sleeter.

The trip to Attumen was easy. We lost one person on the trash, one of our mages over-agroed and got a horseshoe in the face. But other than that it was by the numbers. Killing Attumen himself was a breeze, even with our main tank disconnecting during the fight.

The trip to Moroes was easy also, our AoE wiped out the groups really quickly, which is more than the AoE from the guild I first went in with was ever able to do. Not a fair comparison though, since that guild was actually at Karazhan level, while this guild really isn't, it's a lot further on.

We wiped once on Moroes, which was my fault. I forgot just how often the add needs shackle casting on it, and just how often it resists. I left it too long to re-cast and it broke and resisted twice in a row, which meant I died and then it went through the raid killing everyone.

Kind of sucks to be firstly under-geared compared to everyone else and secondly be the one to cause the wipe. Never mind though.

Maiden went by the numbers and we got her down first try. Then the Opera event was Big Bad Wolf. We lost three DPS but still killed him with ease.

The night was called before Curator. We'd spent a lot of time waiting for AFK players which had resulted in it taking us almost two hours to get to Moroes, even though we were burning through the mobs like they weren't even there.

So, yeah. We will probably get to see past Karazhan really soon, providing we can get enough numbers.

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