Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Flight Form

When I first started WoW I didn't know anything about the mounts. What had attracted me was the in-depth professions system, combined with the many favourable reviews I'd read about it.

When I discovered you could get a mount it interested me, but when someone mentioned how much they cost I was put off and decided that I'd probably not afford one for a long, long time. Then I hit on a money making scheme and the possibility of getting a horse became a reality. I dropped all of my money on my mount at level 40 (my money making scheme was that good). I was poor, but I was fast!

Then I heard that warlocks and paladins got a 'free' mount. A little digging and I found out that for the cost of a regular spell they got a mount, and I was upset. It was such a huge slice of money to me back then that I felt I'd worked hard for something that other classes got for nothing (or next to nothing).

Then it filtered through to me that they did a quest and got and epic mount, and the unfairness of it consumed me. I took consolation in the fact that my money making scheme was still bringing in the gold and I would have my epic mount money soon enough.

Now I am playing a class that gets Flight Form. I got it at level 68, two levels before every other class. And I got it for 7g. The riding skill and effectively a mount (although, an instant cast mount) for 7g.

I love it! I am not complaining, just boggling at how unfair it is for me to get a 60% mount which can fly and is instant cast, for 7g. Compared to my priest who had to scrimp and save and do a lot of grinding after reaching level 70 in order to get together the 900g for his skill and mount, I think the 7g on mount and skill for druids really needs to be re-evaluated. There are so many advantages to Flight Form that it's just ridicules. For example, you can't be stunned out of Flight Form and you can jump off a cliff and cast it as you fall.

Who would choose a flying mount over Flight Form? No one. So why is Flight Form less than 1% of the price? Only Blizzard could answer that.

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