Saturday, 23 February 2008

How it shouldn't be done...

There are indicators that a group is going to go badly. For example, when one of your number can't access the Durnholde instance, because the attunement process is too complicated for them, you can guess that person is going to be a liability. At best they're going to be the same as having no one at all in their place in the group. At worst they're going to be the root cause of wipes.

Warlocks not being able to find their backside with both hands was just the start of my troubles.

The group contained two of my guild mates, a druid and a hunter. I assumed that the presence of these two would be a good thing. I couldn't have been more wrong.

The hunter kept body pulling. I kid you not, they kept edging up to the mobs until they were close enough to pull them all. Then they'd drop an exploding trap... and stand there while they were being wailed on. To start with I would spam heal him, desperately trying to keep him alive while the tank pulled the agro off of him. This rarely happened because he'd still be attacking things, almost at random. I've never had to use my Fade ability so many times in an instance. Nor have I been in a situation where I've had to Psychic Scream because I have so much hate that fade doesn't get rid of the mobs.

All of the DPS were choosing their own targets, meaning the tank had no chance to tank and meaning I had no chance to stay alive. I was able to heal through the damage, no worries, but sooner or later I had agro that I couldn't Fade or Psychic Scream out of and couldn't heal myself enough.

This instance shouldn't have been as hard as we made it. I've done Durnholde with a group of level 66 - 68 players and we didn't wipe once. This group had a level 69 tank, me healing in epics, a level 70 warlock, a level 66 hunter and a level 67 druid.

I was gnashing my teeth and generally wishing to die of embarrassment when the druid (the guy from my guild) asks if I need help healing. If he'd been in the same room as me I'd have punched him in the face. He was full balance spec. He was wearing Raiments of Divine Authority, various pieces of owl gear, and no item which gave any significant amount of +damage. That was his DPS gear... And he was offering to help me out. I made it clear that I considered his offer to be an insult and that if he really wanted to help me he could follow the marked target order.

I made it clear to the rest of the group's DPS that I would have no problems in the world with healing if only they would follow the targetting order and allow the tank to keep agro. They said they would and then came up with the amazingly bright idea of having the warlock not use seduce (he was terrible at it anyway) and instead help the tank with tanking using his Fel Guard. I said I didn't think the tank would have a problem with tanking if the brainless, slapdash DPS would focus and help her out. She tanked me for noticing that she wasn't a bad tank, I told her that I knew exactly where the problems of the group were.

For one pull, one glorious pull, the DPS focused first on the skull, then on the cross, then on the diamond and finally on the square. I came out of that pull without ever having taken agro, with almost full mana, and with a sense of peace. The next pull was a little looser but it was okay. But the pull after that they were back to their old ways. Fun.

I'm starting to hate my guild

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