Saturday, 9 February 2008

Looking for more?

Hello world.

I have started this blog with the intention of posting comments about the feral druid class, the holy priest class and on my experiences in instances with them.

First there needs to be a little about my characters.

My first main character was Samirah. She was a human frost mage on the Kilrogg (EU) server. I experienced my first raids with Samirah and it's a little sad that she is so neglected now. However, I have moved on and she must make way for the New Order of Things. With Samirah I cleared Molten Core, Zul'Gurub and Onyxia, got to the last boss in the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj and made a start on Blackwing Lair. After TBC came out Samirah went very much onto the back burner where she has remained ever since.

Sleeter is my holy priest. I've run Karazhan with him and we got as far as Prince Malchezaar/Nightbane. I found healing as a holy priest in Karazhan to be a little disheartening until I learnt how to read the healing meters (about which I am planning to post later). After which I was very content with my choice.

Finally I made Ghosthoof my feral druid on the advice of my girlfriend. I absolutely loved being a feral druid and he is now my main. Feral druids have the major advantage of having acres of health and the ability to do good damage even in taking gear. Ghosthoof hasn't been in any raids yet, but I feel I am at a point with him that I can start Karazhan. I thought that following his progress through the dusty halls of Kara might be fun, which was the main impetus behind starting this blog.

Anyway, there is your introductory post. Hello world.

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