Monday, 18 February 2008


I've always loved the lore behind WoW. When it's there, that is. Sometimes they just write total drivvel, which doesn't count as lore in my books so can be ignored.

I like reading the texts that are lying around the place when I have a spare moment or two. I especially like finding new texts in old places. It has so far made me a little sad to find no new texts in Outland, despite many places where there are books lying around the place.

Some people I know don't actually know any of the lore, which I can't help feel diminishes the game in a number of fundamental ways. When you're fighting something and the lore is informing why you are fighting them, it makes the fight come alive and gives you purpose. Without the lore you're just grinding for gear, with the lore you can be doing anything, filling any number of heroic and not so heroic roles.

What I'm saying is that knowing a small amount of the lore behind certain things can sometimes mean what you're doing makes more sense. A lot of the lore of WoW is focused on binary opposites, which is standard narrative fare, but some of it makes clear that there isn't a right and a wrong side, there's just Us and Them. Some of the books take it as a core premise that We are the ones in the right. When you read some of the other texts they accept that They could have a point. When you read only one you come to one conclusion, but when you read both your perception can change.

Maybe I should be on an RP realm, but the pomp and ceremony I saw on the few I've been on totally puts me off. I like my lore in its place.

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