Sunday, 24 February 2008

New Guild

So, after agonizing over it for too long, I decided to bite the bullet and jump.

I did my best to leave my old guild on good terms, didn't want to burn my bridges there because they're nice people, just not the guild for me.

So, I've jumped ship and joined a new guild, one that is actually talking about raiding Karazhan, has a date set for their 'next' (although might be their first) run through. It's refreshing. The guild leader is in good gear. The officers are all decked out for Kara. It's very positive!

So far we've done a night of BG pre-mades. We did well, only lost one Eye of the Storm fight when we were just starting up. It was also really close, only about 20 points in it.

So, it's just going to take a bit of time to see if they're as good as it says on the tin!

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