Friday, 22 February 2008


PvP gives me ulcers.

I sometimes like it. Occasionally when things are going well, or at least as well as PvP goes, it's nice. Sometimes it feels like everyone out there is cheating like crap, except for you.

People running away seem to have some form of speed hack and manage to stay ahead of me in cat form by bouncing along. Sometimes they're right in front of me as they run and I'm hitting my 'do them pain' button and it's telling me they're out of range.

Over and over again it's stated that PvE involves no skill, while PvP involves total skill. I personally think it's not true. Both are about class, equipment and computer spec. If your class has been balanced so that they are better than the class you're facing you win. If your classes are balanced, then if your equipment is better then you win. Finally, everything game-side being equal, if your computer is faster you win.

I don't believe skill comes into it, nine times out of ten. Or at least, no definition of skill that I would recognise. Using your classes abilities isn't a skill, for example, it's your class.

But, I'm probably wrong. Maybe I don't like PvP because I'm not skilled at it. Maybe some day I'll discover something which lifts the scales from my eyes and allows me to see the skill involved. Until then I'll reluctantly PvP, killing some and being killed by others, while I chase gear which I wish there were other ways to get.

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