Sunday, 10 February 2008

That's soooo easy...

A little rant, since it's one in the morning and I'm feeling a little cranky and tired. I wish people would just keep their belittling comments to themselves. Saying something in WoW is sooooo easy isn't really warranted. Nothing in WoW is brain surgery, or even rocket science for that matter.

Sure, running five instances for Kara attunement isn't akin to planning the invasion of Normandy, but it's a substantial time commitment, which for more casual gamers isn't something to be sniffed at or looked down on. If you have two hours a night/every other night to play in then getting those five runs can take weeks or even months.

Sure, the instances themselves aren't impossibly hard, sure if you have a heroic level character then you're not going to find the normal level instances on that character hard. But they might be a little different and a little more challenging if you're new to the game, as 90% of the guild is (or at least, 90% of the guild plays like they are new to the game, even when they boast about their level 70 alts).

I guess the thing that put me in this fine mood, if I'm honest, is the instance run I just did with a melee hunter... or to use the colloquialism, a melee huntard. It was supposed to be a lovely run, full guild, no PUG members. But, seriously, he was the worst hunter ever. Ever. He fired off three or four shots on the mob I'd just pulled with fairy fire feral, thus snatching the agro from the start. He ran in when I was taking multiple mobs and dropped fire traps and then stood there hitting the mob in melee (62% of overall damage done by the huntard was melee, third highest ability was raptor strike). It was just a comedy of errors.

Fortunately I was a level 70, we had a really good holy paladin healer and the instance was only Slave Pens, so nothing really went terribly wrong.

I find it hard to tell someone not to do something, though. Especially if it's not causing deaths. It means that the thing giving me an ulcer carries on happening, but I can deal with that, sort of. I just don't feel right saying "stop doing X, start doing Y, I know how to play your class better than you do, froob." Mainly because I hate when people tell me things like that (especially since they are normally the people I perceive to be the one causing all the groups problems).

I often wonder if it's normal to feel I can't try to correct someone's bad playing style, just because I am too high level for the instance and therefore able to pull the group through the tight spots that person is creating. If it were a close call each time, in a group of the right level for the instance, then I'd say something for the good of the run. But if I'm boosting/tanking a low 60's instance then I let it go and hold my tongue.

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