Thursday, 27 March 2008

Raid Leader

I got invited to a party with the guild officers the other day. I wondered what I'd done, and as they set up the group I was racking my brain to think if I'd actually done anything bad recently.

They took a while 'sorting things out', and then asked me if I wanted to take over the Sunday Karazhan raid. They said they were very pleased with my knowledge of the instance and my attitude while inside and thought I'd make a good leader.

I was very flattered and accepted. Now I've just got to get the Sunday group, which is invariably full of the dregs the Wednesday group decided to leave out, up to 10 members (a task, since the Wednesday group will poach people for a few bosses and take them out of the running for Sunday) and through the instance in one piece.

So far there are four people signed up on Group Calendar, and I am going to have to rattle the guild a little to get more people on there.

I predict it is going to go wrong in some way...

I decided that I would go as my healer, since I can stand at the back then and try to watch what is happening and nip anything I don't think is good in the bud. I don't think it would have been too bad if I'd gone as Ghost, since both healing and tanking are important roles and it's better to do them yourself, I think. Also, since Sleeter is better geared than Ghost it will mean I am less likely to need anything myself, so I don't have to feel bad for assigning myself gear.

I've never lead a raid before, and I am quite nervous about it...

Aside from that though, I am totally content and happy with my guild. We have our little drama llama, a over enthusiastic and abrasive hunter, but even he is often more amusing than irritating. So, the guild move was a good idea! Win.

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