Sunday, 2 March 2008

The Second Run

Another superb run for Coup de Grâce in Karazhan last night. We started where we left off last time, at Curator, and proceeded slowly to him. Being a casual guild sometimes means putting up with tardyness and general shenanigans before people knuckle down to focus on the raid. Indeed, sometimes a casual guild might not manage to do this at all, but CdG is a very good guild.

Curator only took one attempt because he's such a walk over (and I may have mentioned it last post, my guild is a little over-geared for Karazhan). I had a little bit of problem with one of the other members of the raid coming too close to me and arcing her flair onto me, but with some quick re-positioning each time I was able to get away and safe.

The Shade of Aran took us three attempts to get the tactic right. This was my first real attempt to see how the guild works as a team, since it's the first fight which you can't just bull-rush by out-gearing it (well, not until you've got some fairly hard-core gear). We did really well, in my humble opinion. As soon as everyone got the tactic (back, in some cases) we downed his sorry ass. One of the great things about being a healer is that you rarely get to know how close you were to killing the boss, unless you purposefully check. This meant that Aran falling over dead was quite a surprise to me.

The Chess Event was, as always, totally free epics. We didn't really discuss how to do stuff before we got in there, some people were asking how to move about half way through the event, some were totally lost, yet we still managed to kill the king and win the encounter. Stupid really, but excellent too, in my opinion!

We then moved onto Prince Malchezaar. Our first try on him (and my first try ever) went badly because of infernal drops. Our second try went terribly because the paladin healer over-agroed due to the tank paladin's Captain America Move being resisted and some bad heal timing. Our third attempt was easy, the infernals all dropped in the other part of the room and we downed him without losing anyone.

I picked up my T4 head piece and the healing cloak form Prince, so I was really happy about that. Our GM was upset because her dagger didn't drop, but it's hard to feel bad for someone when the whole drop (almost) was yours!

We then moved on to the 'non-essential' bosses. Starting with Nightbane. We one shotted Nightbane which was nice, back to old ways!

We then went back for Terestian Illhoof. He took one wipe for everyone to see what they needed to do, and then we killed him on the second attempt. I died twice on the second attempt, however. He sacreficed me and I didn't get any heals, then I got combat ressed and after a short time he sacreficed me again, and again I got no heals. Poot. Still, it was okay because after that the guild seemed more inclined to stop what they were doing in order to take out the chains.

Finally we went back for Netherspite, who we thought was going to be the hardest boss. We managed him in two attempts, the first was okay but our tank didn't get into the green beam fast enough on most of the phases. Even when our paladin tank was in there he lost the beam once he ran out of mana, which meant we had to mix the tactic up a little.

We decided that the warrior tank could take the green beam solo, but when it came time for the paladin to take it we would have a hunter ready to strip if off of him. I also said I'd take some of the starting ticks for mana-regen. Second attempt was a breeze, everyone running around where they were supposed to and the big dragon fell.

Not too bad for a guilds second trip into Karazhan as a unit. We have killed everything in there now and await next Wednesday's reset with baited breath.

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