Sunday, 2 March 2008

Some Pondering

So, the first week of raiding with Coup de Grâce is behind me and I'm having time for some reflection. It's a really good guild, full of fun people. There's normally something going on, whether that's a group going in battlegrounds together, or a heroic instance run. This gives the guild a much more tangible sense of life than other guilds I've been in and it's great.

I am a little concerned about whether I will get to raid with Ghosthoof or not. They need a priest for shackle, I accept that. And unless we constantly steal the shadow priest we had, I will have to bring Sleeter. Without a shackle it really wouldn't be worth taking Ghosthoof, because it would just be too hard.

Also, the two tanks that we went with this week have gear so much in advance of Ghosthoof that I wonder if he'll ever really get a look-in. Will he ever actually get to be main tank for a run, or will I be off tank always? I know that if there is a warrior tank in the raid they almost certainly have to be main tank, since they can't DPS for cookies.

The GM has assured me that I will get to tank, but then they assured the other druid in the raid that he will too, and if the gear I saw him in the other day was his tanking gear then that raid is going to be fun. Plus he seems to like being a resto druid better than a feral druid anyway.

All in all it's going really well. We've cleared Karazhan in two attempts which my last guild would never have managed. In fact, I think my last guild will only get to raid once 2.4 comes out and they drop they key requirement to get in!

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