Sunday, 2 March 2008

An Update on Arrogance

Since I've posted twice about the arrogance in my old guild I thought I'd post a little something on my new guild.

There doesn't seem to be any arrogance. It's shocking and will probably chance once people are comfortable with each other, but for now it's really nice.

Sure, sometimes a guild member will tell you what you should do on your character, and sometimes they're right sometimes they're wrong. But no one takes it as far as arrogance. I was told by a guildie that I would be better off putting different meta gems in my head piece on my healer, they're right in one sense, the gems they suggested are more stereotypically healer gems and they might be better for me than the one I chose. However, I had reasons for choosing the one I did (+18 stam, my hit points suck and I have the gems in my gear to activate it, I don't have the gems to activate the other suggestions) and once I explained he saw that I was right to choose the gems I did (although he said that since I died fewer times than the paladin healer that I didn't need to worry about health... lol).

I have really good feelings about this guild!

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