Sunday, 27 April 2008

Class Leadership

A while back I was given the role of class leader for the druid class. I wasn't asked if I wanted it, or even if I knew anything about balance or restoration druids (which I don't). But, class leader I was. It was okay though, since being class leader seemed to involve doing nothing at all very much.

A few weeks back I was asked, in my capacity as class leader, to vet a new applicant. Fortunately the guy was a feral druid, so I was at least dealing with a spec I knew about.

I looked at his gear and it frankly sucked. It was fine for tanking easy 5 mans, but nowhere near good enough for Kara. He was missing easily obtained quest gear and had some total trash in their place. I then looked at his talents and saw that he was totally PvP spec. A more hard core guild would have told him to get lost, but we're a nice guild and so I instead gave him some pointers (such as talent choices and gear upgrades if he wanted to Kara with us) and accepted him into the guild.

He wants to come to Kara as a DPS class. With a feral build. I rejected him from the Kara run I organised on Friday because his gear was not good enough to be a feral DPSer. It's not good enough to tank either, and it could be made so with a little bit of solo effort.

He tanked a heroic guild run that had one of our paladin healers (with 2.1k + healing), and our best hunter (who consistantly manages over 1k DPS). Wipe city? You better believe it was. I checked out his new talent spec this morning and he's not maxed out Survival of the Fittest (an absolute must have talent), he's chosen to have Imp. Mark of the Wild (+35% effect on MotW) and Natural Shapeshifter (-30% shifting costs) over Furor (+10 rage for bear or +40 energy for cat when switching) and Naturalist (+10% melee damage). Apart from not maxing out Survival of the Fittest, his feral talents are good.

I wish I could see what gear someone had in their bags, I really do. That way I could tell if he means to tank with only 369 defence (without Survival of the Fittest, too) or if he has a bunch of defence gear in his bags and the armoury image is just his solo grinding gear or something.

He also signed up for our collaborative Gruul's Lair run... as DPS...

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