Thursday, 10 April 2008


I got my epic flight form, finally. I'd had the Sethekk Halls stage sat in my quest log for a good long while, then the other day it seemed like the perfect time to actually go ahead and get it over with. We were grouped to get the guild mistress' shadow priest Karazhan keyed (no, you don't need it any more, it's nice to let yourself in though) and once that was done the GM switched to her mage and we stormed Sethekk Halls heroic.

We only had a few little difficulties on the first boss, until we got the tactics sorted out and killed him with ease. We took out the raven god with very little trouble, considering our tactics at the start were along the lines of "What's he do? Add? Okay, we take them out, right?" No mention of his AoE sleep or his feather cyclone, or his fading or indeed anything else that might have helped us cope better with the fight. But we still did it, went on and took out the last boss, despite him wiping out the DPS, leaving only me tanking and one of our raid healers healing me. It was a lot smoother once he'd killed those pesky DPSers.

So, now I get my instant cast epic, which I can do my skinning in and not get stunned out of. Wonderful!

Sort of makes up for the stuff I've been reading about druids not being able to tank in T5/T6 content. Only sort of.

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