Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Gruul the Big Whuss

So, Coup de Grace (the guild I'm in) teamed up with Team Foxhound to make a run on Gruul the Dragonslayer. Being the first collaborative effort we undertook it got off to a slightly rocky start, but we were soon in the instance and taking down the trash.

It was wonderful to be attempting an instance which wasn't Karazhan!

We got to High King Maulgar and spent a while sorting out the order as well as who would take on what role. After about ten minutes of tactics we started the fight. I was there as Sleeter and was on healing duty for HKM's tank. I thought that it would require more healing than it did, to be fair. I was still on about 80% mana when the king dropped. First attempt.

So, either all the tactics and preparation from everyone paid off, or he's just a big whuss. I'm more inclined to think the latter, since it was a joint run on an instance for the first time (for most of us). We shouldn't be able to one-shot bosses on our first time in an instance unless the boss is a wimp.

HKM dropped two Hunter/Mage/Warlock tokens and a Warrior/Priest/Druid token. I rolled 10, so missed out on the token.

Then we went on to Gruul. We wiped a couple of times getting the shatter phase right, but then we started another attempt and my PC turned itself off (as it had been all night). I rushed to get the damn thing started again and loged in just in time to see Gruul fall over dead. Taking him one healer down? No worries!

Again, Gruul dropped two Hunter/Mage/Warlock tokens, but his third token was a Paladin/Rogue/Shaman token.

Another nice progression night for Coup de Grace though! Loverly juberly.

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