Saturday, 26 April 2008

Gruul, Take Two

So, our second collaborative run of Gruul's Lair was just a short while ago. It could have gone better...

Firstly, our partners in crime, Team Foxhound, had only four members on when we should have been starting. Not good. We had 14 members online, but two of them were rejected because of gear and so we were bringing one person too few to the raid as well.

It took an hour and fifteen minutes for Team Foxhound to get their members ready and for us to find how many extras we needed. We then had to call in friends to fill the last five places (FIVE!). Fortunately one of our healers logged on, after having already told us they'd be much too late for the start, and we only needed to pick up people for four places.

To start with, we sucked. Big piles of suck. No one would move with the mage when they ran in to start the pull, so all five of the bosses would stomp him and then run loose. Nice. That happened about five times. Each time there was a count down, and each time the mage was mashed and the wipe inevitable.

Then we filled the last space we had with Someone Who Knew What They Were Doing!

From then on it was lovely. We had another wipe on the High King before he managed to fully assert himself, then we downed the King and two-shotted Gruul. Lovely.

Sleeter also landed himself a pair of shiney T4 legs. Very nice. I also got the epic boots from SSO before we set off for Gruul, so I got myself some very nice equipment upgrades yesterday!

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