Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Karazhan from the other side

So, my first week as a raid leader is over. We did two days of Karazhan, on the first day we did everything up to Curator and then went on to Shade of Aran and then the Chess Event. It went well, we had a little trouble on Aran like always, but the group knows the encounters well and mostly just one-shotted the bosses.

The group composition wasn't the greatest. We had three rogues, a mage, a shadow priest, two holy paladins, a holy priest (me), a protection paladin and a protection warrior. The amount of melee DPS would come back to haunt me when it came to taking out Prince.

We had the Romeo and Juliet fight for our Opera Event. I'd made the call that we'd just go in an do whatever spawned for us, because I had faith in my team. However, I over-looked the fact that one of our tanks wasn't actually a guild tank, he was from the guild the GM used to be in, and was just filling in for us. To say he lacked confidence would be a bit of an understatement. He was a good tank, so long as he wasn't worrying about not knowing what to do when. We told him his tank target and he was on her when she spawned. However, he then went and tanked the next boss as well. So that caused us some problems. We also lacked a bit of co-ordination when taking them both down and it meant we had to start all over again (no wipe, just start that phase again). As soon as the non-guildie tank was on his target in the third phase he seemed to be happy and it went well.

Whatever they've done to the Prince fight, I hate it. He now seems to position his infernals to be just perfectly in the wrong place at the wrong time. In one of our attempts he threw three away from us and then dropped a fourth, making a line of infernals which we couldn't get past without running through the flames. Well, we could so long as we moved as soon as the infernal dropped, which most didn't. Sadly, the only boss which remained at the end of the second run was Prince. He mocked up by going down to 5% on one try and 6% on another, but because our melee DPS kept getting themselves nuked by the enfeble and nova we didn't have enough DPS left going into phase three to actually take him down.

I am quite happy with how it went as a run, and although my healing suffered because I was trying to monitor everything and call out what needed to be done I don't think the run actually felt my drop in healing. I think I prefer just being there and doing just my job, rather than trying to make sure everyone's job got done at the same time as trying to do my own.

I have to admit, the most stressful part of the entire thing was having master looter. The possibility that I'd totally mess up and assign a tanking shield to a rogue was always present in the back of my mind and I double- and triple-checked each click I made to ensure the right people got the right loot.

Also, remember how I said I wanted to go as my healer so that I wasn't assigning loot to myself? Yeah? Well that didn't work. There were two drops for my healer. For one I was uncontested, but for the other the GM decided that the item was a priest item, not a paladin item and so although one of our palas wanted it, it was to go to me. Foo. Maybe next time I raid lead I should go as my tank 'so I don't have to assign loot to myself'. Maybe he'd get some damn tanking drops then.

The lessons I learnt? Well, for one I found that my natural cool temper was very beneficial. Whenever a wipe happened I was able to keep cool and just be encouraging to the things that were going well and hand out advice for the things that were going wrong. Because the majority of the people who attended had done it before my job was really easy, so I didn't have to do anything drastic and people helped out when I was explaining things like the Netherspite fight. I was also allowed to do my own tactics which was great.

Everyone said it was a good run at the end, but they would since it's not right to kick a guy for his first attempt. The guild officers and I decided as well that next week there wouldn't be a second Kara run, since this week the group one followup run had to be cancelled due to a lack of tanks and the group two run had to borrow a tank from another guild. Also some people are taking their raiding spot for granted, which they can when there are two runs and only just enough people to fill the slots. So, although I might retain the raid leader title I wont be leading a raid for a while.

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