Thursday, 10 April 2008

Self-Destruct Time?

So, as always happens, I'm staring down the barrel of a guild self-destruct. We have had a minor splinter of people leave the guild, mostly because one left and pulled the rest 'of his friends' with him then that was followed by the GM handing over power for personal reasons, which took her husband, another officer of the guild, out of the mix too. Their both still there but they're sitting back for now.

Arse biscuits? You betcha.

I was really starting to enjoy the guild. We were honestly on the verge of stepping into Gruul's Lair. Now that's all been kicked in the nuts and we're on the verge of falling into the abyss. Or at least spending a good while longer being trapped in Karazhan. If that's the case I can see more people leaving us, which will result in our further fall from grace.

How do people manage to hold guilds together for so long? How do guilds manage to find 25+ people who aren't asshats or drama llamas? When you get right down to it, how can you avoid Real Life Factors biting your guild in the butt?

On a brighter note, my activities as raid leader look like their on their way back. I was asked to take over last night's Kara run and we managed to down up to Curator (excluding Nightbane), each boss taken out in one attempt. All that despite the guild drama happening before our eyes, as three members left (only one of which was an actual raider, but a damn good raider) and the guild leadership transfered hands. We lost a few people on Attumen, lost a few on Maiden, had a few people die on trash pulls, all due to the major lack of focus. I think we did well to get as far as we did with most people's minds being totally elsewhere.

I said we'd start on Nightbane on the next run, since we were all so unfocused. The off-tank argued saying that he only wanted to Kara for one item from Nightbane. Everyone else seemed up for a few tries on him, and we'd one-shotted all the bosses. So we tried Nightbane. It was abundantly clear that no one really had the focus for him, so the raid was called. Sometimes I hate being right, other times it's nice to think that you know your team well enough to sense when they're going to manage a fight and when they're not. Shame I couldn't avoid the evening ending on a sour note, really.

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