Tuesday, 29 April 2008

What do you need?

So, Darkmaw is now level 70 and has a flying mount. Now when I feel like instancing I can really take my pick of which role I want to fill, which was the point behind leveling him.

I am really enjoying the simplicity of the shaman class too. Two buttons for damage and no waiting. Root your feet, use the time the tank pulls to plant totems and allow them to build threat and then unleash with lightning bolts. If there is only one mob then you can rotate in chain lightning too (or if you've got a tank that can actually build multiple target's worth of solid threat).

In PvP I can kite warriors and rogues (sometimes) using a mix of frost shock and totems. I can control a magic user for a while using earth shock and totems. I can stand at the back and chain lightning and lightning bolt the crap out of people for maximum honour kills.

It's really a lot of fun!

Now I just need to work on his gear a little and I'll be ready for Karazhan runs. It'll be a novelty to have someone in the run who needs the loot!

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