Saturday, 10 May 2008


Darkmaw had his first Karazhan outing this week. Despite being still in greens and some blues (one green was level 62!) the guild was willing to take me. I came third on the damage meters in some fights too, fourth overall, which I was so happy about. At least I was contributing to the effort, not just soaking up the loot.

I got a cloth robe and the nature damage ring as well as my T4 heap piece, which was great and has really boosted my DPS. Now if only I could get an upgrade for my level 62 green cloak...

We also did our first guild-only Gruul run this week. One-shotted both bosses and walked away with the loot. I went there with Ghosthoof and took home my T4 legs. Excellent.

The reason we were able to get a guild run to Gruul is that we recently absorbed another guild. It's fantastic to be able to integrate a bunch of people with such similar aims!

There was me thinking the guild was self-destrcuting a while back, now we have 30 sign ups to one Gruul run! We are also running multiple ZA runs and multiple Karazhan runs for badges and gear for lower geared characters (like my Darkmaw!)

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