Thursday, 29 May 2008

PvP Part 2

A while back I wrote a post about my opinions of PvP and the skill required to take part in it. You can find that post here if you want to read it first and come back to this post.

Little has happened to change my opinion of the order of importance in a PvP battle. I still firmly believe the order goes: Class synergy > Gear > Connection > 'Skill'.

People who PvP a lot will argue for the 'skill' component to be higher, claiming that they have this 'skill' as shown by the way they have gotten better at PvP. Most people like this that I talk to will argue that the gear they have picked up as a result of the boring PvP grind hasn't helped, they have simply gotten more 'skillful' and so more able to win in PvP.

As an example of my order I would like to tell a little story. I play a PvE tanking druid, as anyone who has read much of my blog will know. I PvP with my tanking gear on because I will often be able to take the heat of three or four of the enemy guys for a good while, and if they are focusing on me then they are not working towards the objective of the battleground and they aren't even HK farming very well! One on one I will almost always beat a rogue. The only time I don't is when I meet full S3 rogues who manage to start off by stun-locking me while I'm in cat form. Even then it's a close run thing since if they let me have a moment to change forms to bear then they start to find that their once imba hits are now weak and pathetic, and if I get to face them then I have between 36 and 40% dodge rate, so they tend to fail at continuing their stun-lock. Then it's just a matter of DoTing them up with Lacerate, continuing to use Maul and Mangle whenever I can and watching their health dissapear. They can make it take longer by using Evasion and Cloak of Skill, but for every seven or eight seconds the fight lasts I'm getting an extra 750 health from Improved Leader of the Pack procs, and they're doing 75% less physical damage each hit they manage to land due to my armour mitigation. If a friendly healer comes along then the rogue will normally be able to kill them before I kill him, since it does take me a while, but it can be funny when an S3 rogue jumps you, stun-locks your poor feeble cat-self, gets a good slice of your HP off of you and then is winning the war of attrition, only to find that his hard work is undone in seconds by some priest who just happened along. The feral druid class synergy is so much better than the rogue that I can often take two rogues who are equally geared as me, since they hit for next to nothing on my thick bear butt while I still hit for my full amount.

Of course, as a feral druid I don't have the burst damage to kill a healer. On the other hand though, a healer can't kill me. So it tends to become just a case of /greet and move on.

On the other hand, my elemental shaman is killed as soon as any PvP fight is engaged. I think this may be because of the reputation of the shaman as a 'free kill', but then any class that has the entire enemy line start to hit them is a 'free kill'. The only class I've seen be able to stand up to a long duration of enemy focus fire is a restoration druid in really good gear. It took a full group's worth of horde to kill one restoration druid in a recent AB I was in, for example. Shaman are fun in PvP before level 70, where it seems that people have decided that the shaman must die first and so they focus in on me with an accuracy that would make most 'smart missiles' blush and admit their total lack of 'smartness'.

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