Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Tempest Keep Take One

Yesterday Coup de Grace took their first tentative steps into a tier five instance. Our raid leader who was initially supposed to be organising the run was hit by a terrible case of Real Life just before it was supposed to start, so I decided to take it on my shoulders to get things moving. I invited everyone who was online and signed up for the run and monitored people logging on and brought them into the raid when they were on. It took a little while to get 25 people together but we eventually managed it, despite the run looking like it was cursed to never happen.

Our plan was to go into Tempest Keep and take out Void Reaver. We spent two hours on the trash on the way to him. I don't think anyone was really prepared for how long that would take (except the two people in the raid which had been in The Eye before). So, we arrived at Void Reaver eventually and a little bit of tactical discussion took place. Then a little bit more. Then a bit of reorganising the groups. Then a little more discussion. Finally I suggested we take a pop at him and then decide what had gone wrong if we wiped, which people agreed to.

I was tanking, along with three other tanks - a warrior, a paladin and another druid. The agro was passing between me and the other druid tank as Void Reaver did his knock back. Our first attempt went really well. We lost too many people to the orbs so we didn't beat the enrage timer but we got him down to 9% before he killed us all. After a small number of adjustments in the raid layout (spreading the healers out and keeping the tanks on the same side of VR as the tank healers) we managed to down the big fel reaver. So now that's Gruul on the first night, Maggy on the first night and Void Reaver on the first night. Lovely.

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