Thursday, 29 May 2008


So, I get a little bored of daily quests. Okay, very bored. I can't just do the same thing day after day (some may argue that leveling is just the same thing due to the nature of Blizzard's quests, but at least each day you're in a different place with different mobs).

Because of this I wanted to make a new alt. So, some time soon I am going to adding a warlock to my group of 70's.

Now, I know that many people will probably consider me a little crazy, since I only recently got my shaman to 70 and am in a guild that, aside from not needing any more warlocks at all, needs to concentrate on progression raiding and gearing up mains rather than gearing up lower geared alts. But I just don't like running around doing nothing except farming mats for consumables and raiding. I want to be doing something else, something that will keep my interest for a good length of time.

Also, leveling a class that could actually do damage (shaman) was a real eye opening experience. My priest was hell to level, I hated it. My druid was nice to level, he plodded along being really hard to kill, but also being really slow to kill stuff. Then my shaman just blazed through mobs as if they weren't there. I'd often be able to kill something before it even made it half way to me. It was amazing.

So now I'm going to play about with a class that has innate tanking from its pet and see how that suits me. The only realistic choice was a warlock, since hunters at level 70 are so god damn complicated, with shot rotations and weapon speed theorycrafting to consider, that it's not worth the hassle.

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Vashti said...

Oh come on, hunters aren't *that* complicated. Warlocks are probably even worse - you have to renew those dots right on time, spam the right spell, and anyway we don't *need* any more locks.

Level your hunter.