Thursday, 5 June 2008

Ally Scum?

As I was grinding, 'locking and generally testing my way throgh the Southsea Pirate cove in Tanaris, gathering some of the data for the last entry, I came across a case of 'scummy player' syndrome.

Allow me to relate the tale.

I was fighting two Dock Workers. I have DoTed one of them up and was about to put Siphon Life on the next in preparation for killing it when an alliance druid pops out of stealth and auto-attacks the one I've not attacked yet. Fine, I think, take it, it'll mean I can keep my more mana-efficient rotation going. But that's all this druid does. He hits it once with auto-attack so he tags it, then he backs off. Then I pull a third Dock Worker, which he dutifully taps to tag it and backs off again. At this point the words of Jack Black spring to my mind: Hell no, that's not the way I roll, cock-shiner.

There's no way I'm going to kill two mobs for this scummy ally druid. I'd rather die than let his griefing plan succeed. So I start to run away from the mobs. When I'm at a safe distance I dismiss my pet so the two mobs he hit go on to him. As I'm running I pull about six other pirates, all of which add cock-shiner druid to their agro list. As I get away from each of these adds they run back and jump the druid. I turn around to see my handiwork. The druid is in travel form, dazed, trying to run away from about eight mobs. Lovely.

I re-summoned Hathnagma and run back into the pirate's fort and start killing again. When the druid gets back to his corpse and resurrects I point, laugh and carry on with my questing. Amazingly he didn't try to grief me again.

I know it wasn't because he was an ally, though. He was just one of the legion of players who think that the artificially constructed rivalry between the alliance and the horde is an excuse to be complete knobs to members of the other faction.

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