Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Serpentshrine Cavern

Last night Coup de Grace entered SSC for the first time. We romped in, kicked a load of fishy butt and downed Lurker on our third try. Our first try was a 'feeler' try, since our main tank was helping his father book tickets... yeah.

On our second try Lurker despawned because we were killing an add while he was spouting (according to a few people in the raid, at least. I think he just ran away scared).

Our third try was the charm though, we kicked his fishy but and everything worked excellently.

I have to say, Lurker is one of my favourite bosses so far. Nothing is too hard, and everything is actually quite amusing. He starts spouting and you leap into the water. He whirls and throws you back a little. He looks like a big fish and dives under the water to get away from you. It's a blast. Also your ranged DPS don't need to worry about pulling agro, they can just blaze away and get the highest DPS they can manage.

I was there as Ghosthoof, so I got to DPS for most of the time, then pick up one of the melee adds when they came. I have to say I was nervous since I'd read a lot about how hard the melee adds hit. However, after tanking two of them with ease when two of our tanks died I have to say they don't hit so hard. It was actually quite fun.

Very cool fight, very cool night. Only down side was that he dropped a bunch of junk that no one really wanted all that much. Ces la vie.

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