Thursday, 5 June 2008

Warlock Pets

For a long time now I've wanted to test my different pets out to see which one is actually the best for me. I see other warlocks running with their imps out or the succubus, but I don't know if they're doing this because they know something I don't or if they just like the play style it forces them to adopt. I personally have always used my voidwalker. The big blueberry tanks for me and I spank the mobs gently until they die.

Since I thought it would also make a kick-ass blog entry I decided I would finally get around to doing the comparison. So here it is, in all it's probably-not-very-useful glory.

Useful Information: I used Recount for my DPS and total damage information and Omen for my threat per second information. I was level 44 when I conducted the test and had bought all of the skills for each pet that was available. Each test was performed over a thirty minute duration.

Anneri (Succubus)

Total pet damage: 28,451
Average pet DPS: 37.3
Average pet TPS: 45

Total player damage: 28,404
Average player DPS: 49.9

Anneri served me well and was actually quite fun to grind with. She didn't hold agro very well, but because of our combined DPS the mobs were often almost dead before they decided to start running to me. She also provides a good amount of utility as she can seduce certain mob types.

Naltip (Imp)

Total pet damage: 9,938
Average pet DPS: 24.8
Average pet TPS: 24

Total player damage: 29,693
Average player DPS: 66.2

Naltip was guilty of the most heinous of pet crimes – making me have to drink. As a lock using a void walker I've become accustomed to using Life Tap, Siphon Life and Drain Life to maintain high mana and life and so avoid the need to drink or eat. Since Naltip had less than a third of my health and created the threat of a wet noodle, I had to have agro, meaning I couldn't use Drain Life effectively and didn't feel comfortable using Life Tap.

Kreenam (Felhunter)

Total pet damage: 12,276
Average pet DPS: 20
Average pet TPS: 20

Total player damage: 34,440
Average player DPS: 68.7

Perhaps unsurprisingly Kreenam was a diabolically bad tank, able to only just keep the agro off of me long enough for me to finish DoTing up the target. I again had to drink, although fewer times than I had to with Naltip. Still, the fact I had to drink makes Kreenam not a good choice for a PvE pet, in my opinion. With a higher total damage than Naltip, and being semi-useable as a tanking pet allowing me to put out more damage, Kreenam isn't the worst of the pets for solo PvE grinding.

Hathnagma (Voidwalker)

Total pet damage: 14,990
Average pet DPS: 17.5
Average pet TPS: 55

Total player damage: 43,537
Average player DPS: 61.2

Hathnagma is my faithful blueberry minion. Time after time she will throw himself into situations, knowing that all I am doing is assassinating a specific NPC before running away, and don't expect her to survive the mob's bodyguard. She is also able to keep agro in all but my most DPS heavy of rotations (I maxed out at 115 DPS on one assassination run and didn't get agro until right at the end, too late for the mob to reach me).

Hathnagma is my favourite solo PvE pet. She allows me to utilise all of the warlocks fantastic grinding abilities and rarely needs to slow down. She also allows me to burn down a single mob without worrying about the others in the pull (for example, Andre Firebeard), which the other pets do not have the health or mitigation to manage. Trying to use Anneri in this way would result in one very dead succubus, while Kreenam wouldn't keep the agro long enough for it to be a viable strategy (and he would die really quickly).

So, there we go. Warlock pet testing.

Please note, none of the images used in this post were made by me, they were all taken from WoWWiki's pages on the individual demon in question.

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